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Please note if you are already a GTrek II or SkiLog owner that software updates are now available for download. You will first need to register your logger which you can do by clicking here or using the link below

GTrek II is now available as an update to v6 software. If you are a registered user click on "Software Updates" link below and download this code now.


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GTrek II Software Updates

GTrek-Ski monitors your movement and allows you to create a highly detailed graphical record of where you have been.

Perfect for skiers, and snowboard enthusiasts both amateur and professional, the product uses GPS satellite technology and records the users' exact position at specific intervals, to build up a picture of movement. The data presented is optimised for Skiers/Borders and Downhill Biker's (hence all seasons use) where the uphill parts are of less importance.

The data obtained includes how far, how fast and how high the user has travelled. Better still, the product comes with software to allow you to see where you've been using Google Earth's topographical mapping.

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