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To download updates proceed as follows:

  1. Download the updated program by going here (V5.1). (Note you do have to have registered your GTrek and receive a Username and Password before attempting this)
  2. Either select "Run" or "Save" from a PC running XP or "Save" if running Vista and install the updates
  3. Run the GTrek application of your choice, connect your GTrek and switch it to the LOG position.
  4. Click the "Settings" and select "Configure GTrek" to configure your GTrek
  5. Select an appropriate logging period (Best Resolution recommended)
  6. Click "Save", this action will reset your GTrek, reset the default parameters and clear the memory.

Question - During downloading I get the following exception:
"Arithmetic operation resulted in an overflow".
"Module: frmDownload"
"Method: analyseData"

or "... records were ignored ..."

Answer - These erros are due to data in the transmission stream being lost. The current version of the software should fix this error. If the problem persists close any other programs that may be running or re-boot your PC and try again with a clean system.

Question - Uploading Google Earth data appears not to function:

Answer - There have recently been some changed to out website and the uploading facility has been changed. Ensure you are running the latest version of the software, at least 5.4.0

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GTrek II Software Updates

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